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Welcome to the latest iteration of my online notebooks. This newsletter is called feud(al), the title of a poem in my debut collection, because meditating on the incongruities and conflicts that animate our world is my major pastime. :)

My contention is that feudalism, that system of subservience to capital, never ended, and that the feuds that characterize our society, internal lives, and relationships, are a symptom of that lingering dysfunction.

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Tolu Oloruntoba

Disclaimer: Content warnings for possible mentions of death, mental illness (including associated symptoms), and trauma (including abuse). The information displayed / distributed in this newsletter is provided for your education, information, and /or entertainment only, and is not a substitute for professional advice. Although I may frankly discuss medical or mental health issues, I am not a mental health professional or a currently-practicing physician. Please seek professional help if you are struggling or otherwise require it. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are mine, and not those of any affiliated institutions or individuals. Unless otherwise stated, all rights are reserved.

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by Tolu Oloruntoba


Tolu Oloruntoba

Serial immigrant, lapsed physician, poet. I clearly don’t know what I’m doing. debut: THE JUNTA OF HAPPENSTANCE, Spring 21. Opinions mine. he/him/his